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The reduce, reuse, recycle initiative was introduced in the 70’s. Now recycle bins are overflowing. Here we are 50+ years later, 2020, with an alarming amount of recycled waste polluting processing centers, landfills and waterways. So what?

​Remixma is a small California business that takes recycled glass, textiles and reclaimed redwood, then combines it with a mix of new high quality traceable materials to create functional décor for your space.


Remixma is dedicated to offering sustainably sourced, all natural candles, small dishes, vases, lanterns, planters and more. Our décor is handmade and sourced only in the USA.


We strive for a small carbon footprint from our home to yours. 

I'm Sheila the owner of Remixma
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All of our products are handmade with natural ingredients free of paraffin & synthetics. 


Get some Eco-décor for your space today.

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