Mind Your Own Beeswax

Here at REMIXMA we strive to provide the best sustainable products. We already use recycled materials and promise to source only sustainable new materials to add to our decor.

After much research, we found that soy, coconut, palm and paraffin waxes/oils typically need massive production methods including land crops and machines to grow and harvest it. Even if a product states "sustainably sourced," this may not be entirely true.

Soy is one popular example of questionable "sustainability." Soy is vegan and 100% natural sure, but the production process and extraction of soy is not entirely natural. If you use sustainable soy, or other materials, please ask where and how it's processed. What's the carbon footprint?

According to the World Wildlife Federation, global soybean production "Since the 1950s...has increased 15 times over. The United States, Brazil, and Argentina together produce about 80% of the world’s soy. China imports the most soy and is expected to significantly increase its import of the commodity." Furthermore, according to Our World in Data, soy production may not have direct links to deforestation, but rather "indirect impacts by increased production". In other words, the land for increased soy production has to come from somewhere. Demand causes extraction.

As of May 2021, we have decided to use our own wax blend made of sustainably sourced Beeswax from beekeepers with a very tiny minuscule amount of EVOO in our candle products. Got questions on our wax blends or fragrance oils, please contact us.

With all that being written, you may then ask, how is beeswax extraction sustainable? Simply put bees are vital to all life on earth. 100% natural beeswax is sustainable by just looking at how it is produced, by bees! However, to go beyond that theory we address extraction. Bees have been declining due to habitat loss, disease, pesticide use and climate change from mass commercialized practices. There is no reversing humans extracting from nature. Beekeepers who mindfully take care of and maintain beehives extract extra honey in the hive. Bees have the ability to produce more honey than they use within a year. Beeswax is a byproduct of honey extraction. Therefore to not be wasteful, the beeswax is used after honey extraction. Why honey extraction? Honey has been used for thousands of years. Want more information? Please see the links below.

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All candles will go on sale to make room for our new line of candles. Valid while supplies last.

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