Upcycled Mason Jar with New Lid

Reusable 16oz. Mason Jar

100% Natural: Beeswax Blend, Wood Wick

100% Natural Wood Sticker Approx. 3’ x 3’

100% Natural Fragrance: Vanilla, Redwood, Honey, Orange

Materials: Glass, Wood, Wax, Biodegradable Adhesive

Sustainably Sourced in the USA

Mason Jar Candles 16 oz.

  • Native American/Woman Owned Business

    100% Recycled Packaging, Sustainably Sourced in the USA

    Product is handmade, please allow for slight product variation. 

    Please follow care instructions & warnings on product labels.

  • Take the bee pollinator challenge: https://www.pollinator.org/million-pollinator-garden-challenge